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We worked with TikTok on their “Jumpstart” conference in Malaysia.

As one of the world’s leading social media platforms TikTok – owned by Bytedance – has captured the attention of millions with its innovative short-form videos and engaging content. Building on its success, TikTok ventured into new territory with Jumpstart TikTok: Malaysia, an immersive three-hour in-person event held at the Colony Star Boulevard KLCC. The event aimed to drive awareness and educate brands and professionals in Malaysia on TikTok’s suite of advertising solutions, marking a significant milestone as the platform’s first offline event in the country.

During Jumpstart TikTok: Malaysia, attendees were immersed in a dynamic atmosphere that showcased the power and potential of TikTok’s advertising solutions. The event featured a range of captivating highlights, including a food and beverage section that showcased a taste of local culinary delights, while a KL Metropolis theme set-up and scenography created an eye-catching backdrop and reflected the vibrant energy and creativity of the TikTok platform. Additionally, branded interactive displays engaged attendees and provided hands-on experiences and insights into TikTok’s advertising tools.

We played an essential role in bringing TikTok’s first offline event to Malaysia. With meticulous event concept development, precise planning, and seamless event management, we ensured that every detail contributed to meaningful connections and fostered optimism for future business opportunities leveraging the TikTok platform.



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